Congleton and Holmes Chapel Primary Care Network -Committed to working together to deliver high quality care for our patients 

Our vision is to support the NHS long term plan and sustainability of the general practice model. We aim to bring together collaborative working for health, social care and the voluntary sector improving systems and processes enabling increased time to deliver improved patient care. We will achieve more by harnessing the strengths of our stakeholders. Our mission is to place the patient at the heart of everything we do within the community delivered by a multi-disciplinary team improving our patient’s health. 


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What is a PCN?

Primary care networks (PCN’s) form a key building block for the NHS- Long term plan building on the core primary care services enabling greater provision of proactive, personalised care for the people within our community. By Bringing the four geographical General Practices together to work at scale has been a priority for some years.

Our aim is to provide

  • A common ethos to Patient- Centred Care.
  • Working together to stabilise General Practice - Resilient
  • Find improved methods of providing better care - Innovate and adapt early
  • Our surgeries work together in a Multi- Disciplinary way
  • Innovate, expand a wide range of skills – Educate and Improve
  • Improve quality and deliver high care- Quality